Looking for information on US 1.457" Sub caliber rounds

I recently became aware that there was a 1.457" subcaliber round used by The United States up until about the end of WWI. Looking around the internet, I haven’t been able to find much useful information.

Does anyone have any pictures of rounds? What gun were they used on, and how?



I have a .pdf that might be of interest. I’ll forward to your e-mail.


I believe that is actually a 37mm sub caliber gun. I do not have details on the guns, but the Army also used similar (perhaps identical) guns.
Here is an image of one:

In 1920 the U.S. Naval Gun Factory overhauled and repaired 215 rifle and 98 1 pounder sub caliber attachments.

Bob Mellichamp’s superb series of books on 37mm guns and ammunition probably has more info on these guns and ammo.

Ditto what John says about Robert Mellichamp’s books on the 37mm and 1pdrs. If I remember right, the 1.457" is in the first volume. Also, pictures can be viewed at this link:

bocn.co.uk/gallery/showimage … 5992&c=541

Gordon Spragge has a superb collection and has posted pix of most of the ones that can be found, including the 1.457" subcals. Gordon shows the two variants of the smoke shells with the 37x145Rmm casing. Robert’s book documents that casing and a much shorter casing and goes into detail. To view the link, you have to be a member, though, but the process is not hard at all.

Cheers, Bruce.

This is all great information. Thank you very much!