Looking for Lew

Lew, Will you be at the PA Cartridge show on 20 Aug


Sorry, I will not be at the PA show. A long drive from Atlanta

I’ll send you a PM that you can answer. The notice will show up in the top right hand corner of your Forum page.


Lew…we do have airports. You know…for things called airplanes. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Truth is I’m not wild on flying yet, particularly given the recent weather in the NE and resulting flight delayus. Weather in Atlanta has been great. I have also am up to my ears trying to get ready for the ECRA meeting. Making sure I have the correct papers to get to Germany (COVID documentation) I had to change my flight because it has become more difficult to fly through Amsterdam with ammo than the last time I flew. Also trying to make sure I can get home. Many don’t know that there is a requirement to have a negative COVID test within three days of flying back to the US. I know two people who got to the airport to fly back to the US and were refused the flight. They had to get COVID tests and another flight a few days later.

Much of the work is to organize my things to bring. Requirements have changed a bit since my last trip!

Long answer to a short question.



Hope to see you in germany !!

That explanation makes the thought of a rookie trip to ECRA beyond intimidating. I will need an escort when I finally dip my toe in those waters. Not this year considering the added burden of the virus. SLICS is such a blessing

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Didn’t mean to discourage anyone! The Fall ECRA meeting and the Spring German meetings are both GREAT! I have even found US 9x19mm rounds that have never turned up in the US! I can’t remember a single meeting where I didn’t come home with some unexpected treasures!

It is a bit late for the 2021 meeting, but I’d recommend the 2022 meetings to anyone who has the opportunity to make them! I attend my first European meetings in 1974 and have been back every year since, excluding a couple of years when the US AF interfered and 2020 when they wouldn’t let me in! My experience is that the cartridges are great, the people are great and the organizers are very professional.

When you are old like me, and your grandchildren don’t need and/or deserve your money, spend it on things you want----and of course things your wife approves of!

Advise worth what you paid for it!