Looking for online source for ammo


Am looking for an online source for the following loads. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have checked the normal sources (Midway, Ammotogo, AbleAmmo, Cheaper than Dirt, J&G Sales). Other suggestions appreciated.

Specifically looking for

Winchester 357 SIG PDX

Winchester 410 3 inch PDX (probably not released yet)-This has 4 disks in it instead of the 3 disks in the 2 1/2 inch PDX load\

Winchester 12 Gauge “Blind Side” hex steel shot (Don’t think this has been released yet, but AbleAmmo has listed it on their site labeled “out of stock”

Federal 5.56mm 62 gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw (TBBC) bonded JSP

If you run across any of these in your internet wandering, Please let me know.




Graf & Sons and Midway are two other sources you can check.


Lew - The 357sig PDX1 and the 3.00" .410 PDX1 loads were just announced around late January / early February, and I think they are in the same boat as the Federal “Guard Dog” pistol ammo. That is, they are both listed on some retail websites, but they are not yet in stock, or have extremely limited distribution thus far.
As far as searching; whenever I am looking to purchase something online that I can’t otherwise easily find on Gunbroker or wherever, I just type in the name of the product in Google and add the word “price”. This generates several results of retail sites that have it for sale. If you find that all of the retailers in the search results are out of stock or back-ordered, then try adding the word “available” to the same search string, and you might find an obscure retailer with some still available.


Lew, try these two:


The 5.56 TBBC is marketed/sold LE-only (in theory); it will be correspondingly tough to find plus it is a relatively new product. I’ll PM if I come across any. Several distributors do sell the older .223 version unrestricted so I’d expect it to show up soon.

Natchez Shooter’s Supply is another large net distributor for ammo that I’ve used. www.natchezss.com

ATK is bad about cataloguing/advertising LE loads that are not available…their 10mm 135gr frangible still appears in catalogs but is loaded by agency bulk-request only. Likewise their 200gr .40SW GDHP and 125gr .38sp+p HST took a LONG time to become available after their catalogue debut.

Precision Delta is another Winchester distributor you might try; the gal I’ve dealt with there has always been super helpful.


Thanks to everyone who posted or sent me an email. I found the 410, 3" PDX loads and have a backorder in on the.357 SIG load. Still haven’t found the Winchester “Blind Side” loads but I understand they have not been released for general sale.

Many thanks to everyone!