Looking for photos of paper cartridges, and provenance


Hi Everyone,

In addition to offering reproduction paper cartridge tubes for shooters, I am studying the development and typology of the paper cartridge from its origins in the early 18th century to the mid 19th century. The ultimate goal is to construct an academic article dealing with the subject.

I am looking for collectors who may be interested in sharing photographs/scans of paper cartridges from their collections for my research. The photo/scan needs to be in color and have a metric or standard scale in the image, and any provenance information possible would be greatly appreciated.

Of course all collectors will be given full acknowledgment for their help in the research project.

JD Lancaster
Reproduction paper cartridge site: http://papercartridge.com/


Have you checked Dean Thomas’ wonderful set “Round Ball to Rimfire”?

The first three volumes cover federal ammunition, and the fourth is the start of the Confederate section (more to follow).


No I actually haven’t yet. That seems to be an essential source that I haven’t had the chance to look at yet. Thanks for the recommendation/reminder.



In addition to Dean’s fantastic books,would also suggest you read /study:
“Small Arms and Ammunition in the U.S. Service 1776 - 1865”. By Berkeley Lewis,Col.USA Ret.Printed by the Smithsonian Institution.I’ve used by copy well ,over 50 years,and it’s been a life saver.
“Rifle Ammunition being Notes on the, Mfg. connected therewith as conducted in the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich”.Reprint by Thomas Pubs.
There are others,but “IMHO” these are the better ones,as they contain more technical data.
Charles.J.Wells (Jack)


May be it would be interesting to check my website



Thanks everyone,

I literally just discovered “Small Arms and Ammunition in the U.S. Service” the other day, a great resource. For anyone unaware, a pdf copy of this can be obtained directly from the Smithsonian Institution online library. Thanks for the recommendation on “Rifle Ammunition” as well. I have been contemplating picking up a copy of this from the Thomas Pubs website. “genkideskan”: looks like a great site you have, and may come of some use to me. I’ll be in touch.