Looking for Printing Blocks

Looking for printing blocks used in advertisement or packaging, nothing specific (unless you’ve got pinfire blocks!).

Have an assortment of cartridges for trade and/or cash.

Thanks all!

I have a couple pinfire printing blocks! None for sale though.

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Your post featuring these is what inspired the interest!

not for sale, but. flopped to read

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Here are the blocks I have. Unfortunately, also not for sale. My favorite is the AEP (Belgium) 6.35 mm Block. It is the only European one I have; that is for a European cartridge. I is very much like my others, so I can’t say whether or not the block was made in Europe, or the United States, the latter for some ad in a domestic US publication.

I also flipped the picture for easier reading. I used to be excited over the “25” date on the 6.35 mm headstamp, but considering I have never seen, nor met anyone who has seen, This headstamp on an actual cartridge, I believe it to be an advertising department “fantasy” headstamp, perhaps even reflecting the inch-version of the caliber, rather than a date. Could be either. At any rate, I personally don’t think such a headstamp exists.

John Moss

John Moss

Here’s two more that I missed.

Also flipped so that they could be read.

John Moss

Those Remington cartridge box blocks are nice, I’m hoping to pick up a similar one soon (I’ll post pics once I get it).

Recently won this one at auction along with some Mossberg rifle blocks, waiting on delivery: