Looking for Reference Books

Greetings all,

I am looking for the following books:

Fleming, Bill British Sporting Rifle Cartridges

Manfred Beutter’s Auction Catalogues Vols 1-4


Dave Andrew

for whatever it’s worth at the SAR show in Phoenix two weeks ago I saw a copy of Bill Fleming’s book for sale on a book dealers table. The guy only wanted $500.00 for it.


$500 might be a good deal. I found 2 used copies listed on Amazon one at $2225.99 and the other at $5850. That’s CRAZY!!!

Ok, what is so special with this book?

Thanks Guys,

I saw the Amazon prices too.

No idea what is so special about the book.

Sort of an upgraded Hoyem Volume 3


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I thought I had found a copy on Abebooks but it was a price guide/prices realized by Bill Fleming. Someone must be smoking something to ask $2225 & $5850 for 2 copies of this book. I have one …not for sale. The person thinking of spending that amount on either copy is probably smoking the same stuff…

Greetings All,

Thanks for looking guys.

I tried ABE Books, Amazon etc first and I agree. The pages on those copies must be laced with exotic pharmaceuticals.

Looking at around US$100 or so. The exchange rate with the USD has gone way south.

Meet me in St Louis. :)



I have the first 3 of Manfred Beutter’s catalogs, that I’d be willing to loan you (#4 came out in a year I missed SLICS)
Would you like me to bring them with me to SL?

Only those of us who own a copy know that Fleming’s books were printed on gold foil that’s the reason for the high prices.

Thanks tailgunner,

I wish to buy a set for myself.



When I was buying a lot of books a few years ago I used to register an interest on one or more booksearch websites. Its a fishing exercise because sometimes you just get lucky. Your wanted ad sits and sits, sometimes for years then somebody gets in touch and offers you one at a price.
The great thing is some of the ‘dealers’ are just garage sale prospectors looking to buy for ten and sell for twenty. Miracles do happen