Looking for reference on Hardy & Fils projectiles

Can anyone help with reference or a projectile catalog of
Hardy & Fils S.A., 251 Av. Louis, 1050 Bruxelles in Belgium ?

Same would go for a company named “NEVINS” (a US company).

H&F are still in business as far as I am aware. Have you tried contacting them direct?

I’ve just been upstairs to check my papers. Nevins I have only as being based in Boise Idaho in the 1980s. No street address. Nevins was probably the surname of the principle.
They manufactured pistol ammunition mainly at the budget end and for contract to police depts. Some, not much, was sold in UK.

I have a note that they marketed a lead bullet load “guaranteed” not to cause leading. I don’t know for sure but I think this may have been an early attempt at moly or teflon coatings, one of many around that time. I never saw a loaded round only ever fired cases.

Brass headstamped NEVINS appears to be made by Starline.

I am sure one of our US contributors will have details on them when they come on line in a few hours.

If not I suggest you get the telephone directory for Boise and see if there are any Nevins still living in Boise.They may well be related, its not that common a surname and if there are give them a call.

Remember the time difference, people are not that helpful when you get them out of bed at 3am.

Vince, thanks a lot! As I understood Nevins is out of business since 1987. Even if I would like to know details I will not dare to try to call people randomly after 20 years.

As Lew told me Hardy & Fils is out of business for a long time also.

My reason to ask for these two companies is that some time ago I got a whole shoe box of pistol and rifle projectile samples (I gave it to a friend who is collecting just projectiles). All were packed in small bags with diameter and weight on them. Just no manufacturer was marked. That box contained a few inert sample rounds (pistol and revolver) with F&S and NEVINS head stamps so I thought this will be the first direction to look for in terms of who made the projectiles. I am also aware that the inert rounds may be not related at all and got into the box by accident but I have nowhere to start.
At least H&F was known to have produced projectiles for reloaders.
If I don’t get any further here my friend has to find and digg a lot of projectile catalogs.

H&F were a big seller of cast bullets in the UK for a long time before they were undercut by home producers.
All I remember were their lead cast bullets, very hard shiny alloy with bright red lube. I don’t remember any rifle or jacketed bullets but I have a dim memory of seeing some H&F cases years ago and I believe they did make and sell pistol ammunition. The boxes were very distinctive red and white.

Their bullets were made on Magma Engineering Co machines probably the Bullet Master. Magma is just about the industry standard producer of bullet casting machines and the bullets produced on them are quite recognisable if you know what to look for.
The most obvious feature of Magma bullets is a sharp 45 degree bevel on the base about 2mm.

On the subject of Nevins, I wouldn’t feel too shy about calling them. Boise I would imagine is a small place and Nevins is an unusual name. There are four Nevins in the Boise directory. I would go for Gladys, she is probably by her name an older woman who would know the family history. Who knows she might even be the wife/ widow and might be thrilled to think someone still remembers.
Nobody gets into making and selling ammunition just by chance. There would have been a build up over years before he finally went commercial and I bet he was well known.

I am rather assuming he (Nevins) has passed on but that may not be the case. A similar operation in the UK (Howitzer) was forced out of business by its insurance company.

In the mid '80 I think when I was still a pistol shooter I shot them a lot. First I buy loaded ctg hstp " * H & F * 9 M M " packed in semi clear plastic boxes (the same as you can buy still now to store your ctg) with a sticker wrap around the box. Ther logo was a Canadian flag with "HARDY & FILS S.A. BELGIUM " on it. You can sent the boxes with the cases back so they can reloaded them for a reduced price. At that time choose to buy there bullets where I still store a few thousend of them. On the label of the bullet box there is a choice out of four different bullets 100 RN, 124 CN, 124 RN, 128 TC. So far as I remember me, later they produced also teflon coated or copper plated bullets but never used them as new fmj loaded ctg came available for very low prices such as privi partisan, sellier & bellot and pmp. At least reloading 9mm wasn’t interresting anymore.
Wishes, Jan

Hardy & fils S.A. - Formerly at 251 Av. Louise, 1050-Bruxelles, Belgium. Out of business now, as I have heard and as Lew has said. The had their own headstamp on at least .38 Special (Two different Headstamps), .357 Magnu, 9mm Parabellum (Luger) (2 different headstamps) and .45 ACP.
For a picture of all those headstamps, see IAA Journal Issue 442, Mar/Apr 05, Page 59, “Witt’s End.” Only the second 9mm headstamp is missing and that headstamp is “* H&F * 9MM LUGER”. I suspect that Starline made their brass. I don’t know the year they went out of business, if that is correct information. I also don’t know if they had some connection with Canada. I mention that because on the 9mm box I have from them, the end labels are printed over a full-color image of the Canadian Flag even though the Box bears the Bruxelles, Belgium address.

NEVINS - Nevins Ammunition, Inc., 7614 Lemhi, Suite 1, Boise, Idaho 83709.
Phone 208/322-8610. The company was founded in 1980 with John Nevins as Vice President and made reloaded ammunition as well as new ammunition of pistol and revolver calibers. The had cases made by Starline, Olin, and Norma (Sweden). Their headstamp is known in .357 Magnum (2 different at least), .38 Special (3 different at least), .44 Magnum, .45 Auto and 9mm Luger. I have six or seven different loadings in 9mm with the NEVINS headstamp, all with the same bunter and to me looking like an Olin (Winchester) product. The company went out of busines in late 1988 or early 1989. You can see the NEVINS headstamps on the same IAA Page referenced about for Hardy & Fils. Reference: JLM Notes and George Kass Notes.

I hope this answers the question. I was away from home until today or would have answered sooner.

Thanks a lot to all who answered. I knew you will know.
By that what you all said you answered my questions, no need to go further than that regarding H&F and NEVINS.