Looking for Soviet hs variations of factories #542 & #547

Cany anybody provide verified hs of the Soviet factories #542 & #547?
Supposedly on 7.62x54R.

I assume that they did not exist

I have only seen a B&W drawing on 547, nothing on 542. How about headstamp 586 and 611? I have been looking for pics for these as well…Anyone?

Factory #542 is listed in Russian files as “Sars Glass factory”, Sars, founded in 1860 as glass mill and there it is mentioned that they made small arms amunition.
Factory #547 is listed as “Factory #547”, Kaluga and supposedly made 7.62x54R.

Cartridgecorner, do you have particular sources for the two factories you listed now? I have never seen a reference relating them to small arms ammunition.
#586 is “Design Bureau Yuzhnoe” named after M.K. Yangel, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, founded in 1944, they actually made missiles, I have found no reference to small arms ammunition
#611 is somewhat missleading by it’s name: “Ural Cartridge Factory”, Miass (Chelyabinsk region), founded in 1941 on basis of “Repair Factory Miasszoloto”, received loading equipment of factory #144 from Stalino, they were actually loading aircraft bombs

Regardless of all contradictions I would be happy to hear about any of the ones in question.
Finding a confirmed hs would be a huge success.

I have no proof for either 586 or 611. I has received the information from users of my wesbite saying they believe they existed. I have seen no proof so listed them as “Unconfirmed” (as I have many many Chinese codes reported with never a picture to surface as well). I have yet to see any proof of these two in many years so will likely conclude these do NOT exist.
Hope someone has pics of the 542 and 547.

Be cautious of reports of a factory “586” because it exists on 9 mm cartridges but they are not Soviet, but rather Austrian (Hirtenberger) made for Sweden. They exist not only on rounds with a typical Swedish headstamps with 4 headstamp segmenting lines but also with a headstamp more like Soviet, with “586” at 12 O’Clock and in one case “OO” (year 2000) at 6 O’Clock, and nothing else on the headstamp.

I am not saying there is no Russian “586” - I don’t know if there is one or not. I am just saying be cautious if it is only reported, and you have not really seen a Russian round identifiable as such, with that headstamp.

Yes the Austrian/Swedish ones do exist in at least 3 versions. Two as John describes, and a third that is similar to those with codes 26 or 27 with no lines seperating the spaces. These have a one digit number at 3 and 9 o’clock for the date. My sample has a 7 and an 8 for 1978. Then there is the 586 at the 6 o’clock position and the 12 o’clock position is blank. Many of mine also have a baby blue primer paint,as well as bright colored brass making these easy to distinguish from Russian. I have yet to see any proof on the 586 Russian other than hearsay…

John, I guess you are right with what you say. Man people see a number and think there is only one way to interpret it.
Just a side note, Považske Strojarne a.s. in Pov. Bystrica, Slovakia also made 586 head stamped 9x19 in 2000 for Hirtenberger which as we see supplied them to Sweden then.

Hirtenberger also made 6.5x55 for Sweden, also with the 586 if my memory is not totally off.
And was there maybe some 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 made for Sweden too? Can’t find Mötz’s book right now.

There were many codes for ammunition made FOR Sweden by others. Some additional I know of are Codes: 583 from Norway for Sweden, 599 for importation to Sweden from Germany (reported I have never seen ehadstamp though), 602 from SNC, Canada to Sweden, 613 from CBC Brazil for Sweden, 616 from Winchester USA for Sweden.

Yes and there are plenty more. I am working ona a list of these as well.

583 is Raufoss
599 is Diehl