Looking for Tony Dunn's book

I just started collecting 22 ammo boxes and am having some difficulty locating Tony Dunn’s “A Catalog of the 22 boxes of the USA” Does anyone no where I could find one. Thanks TOM

Someone should see if this is under copyright, and if so get permission to scan and sell in digital format.

John S–Tony Dunn’s “books” were never formally copyright, that is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, but anything that is published under an authors name is automatically covered by copyright. However, that is not the important thing here, since only the author (and Tony died some years ago) or heirs can bring suit for copyright infringement since there is no commercial publisher. Tony made up the “books” per order, or a few at a time on a Xerox machine. I know because I sometimes helped do the Xeroxing. The pages were then held together with brass foldover binders with brown binder covers. The copy was not of the greatest quality and I doubt if it would scan very well.

This might be a hard one to find but in general the second hand book world is networked via the internet now. So if you Google “booksearch” or something similar you will find websites where you can input the author and title. They then search through the records of hundreds of different dealers and if they get a match they notify the dealer of your interest.

Vince–Good suggestion in general for used cartridge books, but I doubt if Tony’s “books” would interest most book dealers since they were never bound in hard covers and were always Xeroxed pages.

No Ron I appreciate that but I thought I would say it anyway, it never hurts to try and the information may be useful to somebody else. Most cartridge collectors also collect books and many (most?) are out of print.

If you are still looking, contact Richard Rains, who publishes THE .22 Box, for the Association for the Study and Research of 22 Caliber Rimfire Cartridges.
I believe the Catalog of 22 Boxes of the USA, updated, is available for $80, and a must for new collectors.


Hello Mr. Merchant,
Thank you so much for your years of work in furthering the Hobby/Lifestyle of .22 box collecting. It has been my pleasure over the years to further my knowledge using Tony Dunn’s, A Catalog of the .22 Boxes of the U.S.A,1983 & Tony Dunn’s, A Catalog of the .22 Boxes of the World, 1983.
But when you gentlemen started http://22box-id.com/ …well that was a gamechanger for me. Suddenly there was all this knowledge at the collector’s fingertips and in “Living Color”, boxes I never hoped to see in person. Thank you Guys so much for your hardwork. Is there any way to obtain a thumbdrive or download of the knowlege now that the site has been taken down?? I would gladly pay for the information and knowledge that you Gentlemen collected, the same way I bought my Dunn’s Manuals. Please Contact anytime, Thanks Again-Tommy