Looking for US catalogues



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  2. Could you please explain me something?

Nobody has catalogues.

When I ask for a British, German, Italian or French catalogue I can understand.

But when I ask for American ones , I don’t understand anymore.

With hundred of ctges companies, thousands and thousands of customers since the first days of this country, no war battles on your ground, no bombing, no tsunami, no major disaster, the american catalogues look to be very scarce !!

Scarcer than in countries where they were two world wars on their land!
France was plundered by Germans, Germany was a moonscape, Italy, Austria, Netherland suffered a lot, and despite all that we find documentation.
And furthermore the number of ammunition companies was a lot less than in the US.

If I am asking for a small obscure US company from before 1900, I can understand again.

But Peters, Remington Arms, Western they are not old, and were widely distributed furthermore.
And I can add Winchester after 1934, CIL after WWII (it is Canadian I know ) and so on.

How can the people writte books on US ctges or guns if there is no documentation available ??
(I am not talking about the book on Winchester, whose author gave me some very good documentation or books from my friend George K. on rimfire ctges who has a library, or about articles on Remington written by a very famous and nice guy, or about the books of Bill W. who has also a hudge library.
Not talking also about Chris or Lew articles or books which are very well documented).

I am talking about the other books.
They are not in my field, I don’t have them, therefore I can’t judge them.

I just want to know if they are BS or if their authors have an hidden source of info.

PS : Thanks again John


JP–I can not say for companies other than U.M.C. and Remington Arms, but I have about 80% of the U.M.C. catalogs and for Remington Arms, I am missing ONLY the following: 1915, 1916, 1918, 1919, 1920; 1921; 1922; 1924; 1925; 1926; 1927 and 1928. I am 100% complete from 1929 to 2009.

NOTE TO ANYBODY: If you have ANY of the missing Remington catalogs, PLEASE contact me. I need scans or will buy them.



A lot of the old catalogs are available, both originals and reproductions, on places like eBay.

I don’t think that saving old catalogs was something that a typical hunter or shooter did. Many of them also became toilet paper. :)



Here you go…

Some of the catalogs even have a few pages illustrated…some with shotshells!
Here are a couple of examples:
cornellpubs.com/old-guns/ite … tem_id=755
cornellpubs.com/old-guns/ite … tem_id=756
Just click on the pics to enlarge.

Have fun!


Hello Ray and W30wcf,
I know i can buy reprints from Cornell and reprints or originals from ebay.

I have bought a lot of originals and reprints.

So many that I have spent more money within the 3 last years buying catalogues and reprints than I have spent to buy ctges during the last 10 years !!!

I am not stopping to buy catalogues, but I have decided to slow down purchases.

Specialy about widespread reprints catalogues, hundred of people have already !!

More interesting are the factory drawings (i am not talking about the patents)
And a good question is : where are they ???