Looking for value of old 41 cal. Winchester ammo box




For someone to help you on a possible value for the box shown in your photo (assuming this is a 2 piece box) it would help to know if the box is complete and sealed with contents. Or if the box is complete but opened with all the original contents, some the contents, incorrect contents, or if the box is empty. If the box has been opened knowing if the box bottom is correct, incorrect or missing is important, too. Condition of the outside of the entire box is also a factor.



Box is empty, fair condition at best. It is the correct bottom. 2 piece box.


Just looking for a general idea i dont know if it’s 10’s or hundreds.


If I were selling, I would hope to get $50, maybe even $75 from a gun collector who wanted a box to display with one or more .41 Deringers. Strictly a gut feeling guess, not based on factual prior sales of this box. Others may buy/sell at higher or lower prices, but only way to find out is to put it on the market.
Good luck. I think it is a nice box.