Looking for Vinatge 7.65 Luger ammo



      I'm new here and I'm a Luger collector. I am in search of a box of Vintage 1920s-30s box of German made 7.65 Luger ammunition. It doesn't have to be in excellent condition, but acceptable for display with a rare Luger.

      If anyone here would have a box for sale, I would appreciate a contact.

Thanks in advance...

   Ron         [amelson@comcast.net](mailto:amelson@comcast.net)


I’m still looking, if anyone has some for sale? Please contact me.

Thanks again…


Hi Ron -

I cannot provide this, but I’d suggest you search the various auction sites which specialize in firearms related material on a routine basis, even fleaBay if an empty box would do it for you. Auction Arms, Gun Broker, SoldUSA, Wards just for a start.

Good luck!



Thanks! I’m looking on a regular basis. I appreciate the response.