Looking for Western Rim Fire Catalogs or Price Lists

I’ve been trying to research Western .22 rim fires from 1930 through 1960 to complete the Western section of the Dunn upgrades. I need to locate Western catalogs, or price lists, for the following years: 1931-35, 1937, 1943, 1945, 1951, 1957. I need only scans of the rim fire sections of each. I would also need a scan of the covers (or a note stating what year and month) so I can know what year the sections covers.

The following years are also missing from my Western catalog collection and would be helpful to have: 1916, 1918-20, 1922-24, and 1926.

If you can help me with this project please email or PM me at Roger@22box-id.com

[Edited to change title]