Looking to buy cartridges in Canada

Hello! As the title says, I’m looking for new contacts in Canada to buy single cartridges for my collection. Feel free to contact me!!

I have several singles. no list as of yet…mainly newer (last 40 years) and military. Do you have particular ones you are interested in?

I’m looking for a 3mm Kolibri (not the 2.7), a 5.66 x 120 mm underwater APS round, and some shotgun shells bigger than 4 gauge. And of course, anything that doesn’t appear on the list in attach.


Le sam. 12 janv. 2019 à 20:16, Curtis Steinhauer via International Ammunition Association Web Forum cartridgecollectors@discoursemail.com a écrit :

(Attachment cartouches - Copie.xlsx is missing)

If you give me your email, I’ll send you my list. I’m not familiar with this forum, and the Excel list did not follow…

The under water round you mean is the 5.66x39.
Also there is the 4.5x40R and the latest 5.45x39.

You’re right; and they all are hard to find in Canada…

The 5.45x39 is hard to find anywhere, including Russia.

You got the better of me this time regarding the 5.45+39 cartridge I have a few but that is beside the point
here your statement them even being hard hard to find in mother Russia sounds strange indeed??
Was this cartridge an experimental?? And never adopted by the Red Army or only issued for special
forces? wich one in your opinion is the hardest to find? AP or Tracers others?? however yes I find it
ought they do not appear often but never gave it a second thought until you pointed it out

The hardest thing to find is 5.45 subsonic, although underwater is even more rare.

Sherryl, it seems confusion entered at some poiunt.
We were talking about the 5.45x39 UNDER WATER cartridge. Not the standard ball load.