Loose bullets


Sometimes, at a gun show, when I see a box with interesting stuff, I ask for the price of the whole box without going through the stuff inside (time pressure). So I got one of these heavy boxes (dealers don’t like heavy things to go back home), which had a lot of loose bullets. Going through them, I found this “set” , I put it together. Looks like someone visited a production line and took samples. What are they? I include primers, maybe they will help.


The left two bullets could be bullet covers for arrows.



Sorry, come again, I am not a hunter, don’t know much about arrows.


They are empty 30 cal. bullets, sold that way to put on wood arrows. There is an old post with boxes by at least 3 companies. I took a pic of my box and bt. base, but it looks thinner than your bullet jackets.


And the profile here looks shorter, so yours are probably bullet jackets.