Lorenz bullet dimensions


We would be most grateful for any information on the Austrian Lorenz cartridge for our research. We were strongly advised to contact the IAA forum website as there are contributors who could possibly assist us.

We possess a Lorenz Infanteriegewehr M/1854 with the Klappenvisier II in an unissued condition and want to compare it ballistically with the Dreyse system (M/41, M/54, F/60, M/62, M/65 and M/65 Beck conversion). Therefore, information providing the precise dimensions of the bullet to construct an accurate bullet mould is so important for a modern day evaluation.

Over a period of twenty years research we have compared the Dreyse and Mle. 1866 Chassepot needle fire systems and now would like to include the Austrian Lorenz as it was pitted against the Dreyse in the 1866 conflict.

In anticipation,

Guy and Leonard Alston-Roberts-West FHBSA

Austria used two totally different bullet designs for that rifle. First a compression type bullet followed by a Minie type bullet design, invented by the bavarian officer Podewils. To that there are 4 different Dreyse cartridges .
So what is your time frame, the Austro Prussian war of 1866?


The period is the Austro-Prussian conflict of 1866.

We have duplicated all the Dreyse ammunition:- Patrone M/41, M/47, M/55, M/55 carbine and M/72. The Austrian cartridge we intend to pit the Lorenz system against is the Prussian Patrone M/55. Therefore, the correct type of bullet dimensions of this period is what we seek to make a bullet mould and think it to be the Lorenz-Kompressionsgeschoss.

Also is it possible you could assist us in locating bullet and cartridge dimensions of the Hanoverian 15.5mm M/1857.66, possibly could be the Nessler design?

In anticipation,

Guy and Leonard A-R-West

The new Minie bullet was inroduced in spring 1863 but on the battlefields of 1866 afaik only compression bullets where found.
Originally pressed, the most of the bullets where badly cast bullets.
Austria might be surprised and the ammo in stock was only enouth for a first supply. So ammo was produced in a hurry in a bad quality.

Hannover used the Schirmgeschoss and Nessler Minie bullets.

I will look for bullet drawings

Here is the drawing of a Lorenz compression bullet 13,7 mm dia…