Lost in the 20th Century again!

OK, I enter the IAA web site using the address given in the eJournal. Then, I’m supposed to enter the password, also given in the eJournal. But, where do I enter it???

When you click on the link provided in the email (or copy & paste it into a browser), then it should take you to a page where you just have to type the password into a text box which is immediately after the word “password”. The password is provided in the email. if you can’t see the text box to type the password in, then it might be because the brightness of your screen is such that the text box is whited-out against the background of the page it is on in your browser? If you click your cursor right after the word “password”, then it should activate the text cursor in the box there.


Email sent.


Thanks DK and Brian.

The problem I was having was using the wrong address for the Web site. There are 3 different addresses and I, of course, used one of the incorrect ones. :-(

I need a smarter PC. ;-)