Lost with all the nicknames


I am lost with all your nicknames and often don’t remember who is who or the country.

Could you put please under your nickname the location and your first name



Nick- Southland, NZ


I was meaning under your nickname (for example about me there is written france)



Sometimes a user’s name can be seen by putting the cursor over their email button on the bottom of their message. Some people, like myself, have their name in their email.


yes I agree, but you must agree it is easier when we see at once where is the guy located (like you)


Good idea, JP, I just changed my profile.




[quote]jonnyc wrote:
Good idea, JP, I just changed my profile.[/quote]

Me, too.


Hello JP,
I do not know how I can write my country under my nick … I’m from Spain


I do not know how I can write my country under my nick [/quote]

davrib - you can click on “user control panel” (at top left) and then click on “profile” (left side) to change information that others see under your name.


For my 2 Cents worth: It would be nice to know who is actually posting and what country they are from.Two cases come to mind, One:Contacted an individual ref. a 7.62 x 39 I needed,only to find the individual was in Europe,slim if any chance for a trade. Second: Contacted another
ref.trading 7.62 x 39’s thinking I would establish a new trade contact,find out I had traded with the individual previously at SLICS,but was unaware of his Forum nickname.
I put my nick name (Jack) at the end of my given name,and the J in my Given name is not Jack nor is it "Jack Ass’ as some of my peers imply.
Will put my Country under my name in the future.

Charles.J.Wells (Jack)


I agree with jp, more of us need to make better use of the signature function. How’s this:


good idea!


Thank you very much DKConfiguration. Problem solved. Now I only know how to insert pictures in the post


Well, my signature says Linden AZ, but I’ll bet there is no one that knows how to find me, even with that information.

OK Vic Trautman - I lived in SE Alaska in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I know you are from Petersburg, the jewel of the Alexander Archipelago. Your name rings a bell with me for some reason. Do you have any idea why? I did a lot of shooting. Kids played Little league baseball and football. I worked for the old Dept of Hwys and used to go to Petersburg a few time a year. Or, maybe I’m just getting senile and remember all kinds of things that never happened.



Nice idea on the signature upgrade Guy! I updated mine as well.


JP, Thanks! I have had the same problem you have. I also noticed that my location and some other information on my profile disappeared at some point, perhaps last year’s crash!

Anyway I have also updated my profile.



Did the little picture at the end of DK’s and Guy’s posts come out automatically since there is their website link?


They do come up automatically, but you don’t have to have your own web site to have them. They are added to your signature in the same way a picture is added to a message you post on the forum. Like those pictures, the little signature picture has to be hosted on another web site, but not necesarily your own site.



the pictures do not show up JUST because there is a link. They chose to add a picture too. Notice mine, no picture.

Matt and Guy: you should make your pic a link, since it is the largest thing there, people will click it before the link.

I have noticed quite a bit of traffic from here clicks my signature link.