Lot code "IDC" on 1993 made 40x46SR

There is a 40x46SR “indoor training” (I assume CS type) round with lot code “IDC”.
The cartridge was/is in Swedish police use and appears technically like a NICO product (Germany).

The code “IDC” so far has never shown up in any lists and as we know at least the Swedish military is using an own numerical system. Of course the Swedish police as a civilian entity is not bound to this.

Anybody to tell details about the “IDC” code?

I can not share images as they are not my copyright and not being circulated in the web.

Alex, can you transcribe the full markings?

Fede, sure!

It reads:
40 MM x 46/100
Lot 02-IDC-93

I got another pic of the true service CS variant bearing basically the same marks except for saying it is the real one.
Was allowed to share this one.

Alex, thanks for the additional information and picture. I’m not sure who this “IDC” is, but this code/initials have been used before in boxes of cartridges marketed by IDC System AG of Switzerland. However, I don’t know if they are related.



Fede, I came across the Swiss as well but wonder if the Swedes needed a middle man to warm his hands on something they could have purchased directly (like the Swedish military is doing).

I asked back to several well informed people in Sweden and hope they may find out from their end.