Lot HK -1- 97

I got my hand on this ammunition, and it’s one of the best ones that is available. Sadly, only a few of them left and I don’t think we will see it anymore. If any one know anything about this ammunition and what does the writing mean. As from what I understand by reading in this forum, KH is not H&K.

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HK was the symbol for H. Huck, Nürnberg. The company only ever made plastic blank ammunition for Bundeswehr. Without these contracts, it went out of business. Therefore, in this case I think HK is not Huck. Apart from that, the lot number is not in the format used by Bundeswehr from about 1989.

Jochem, I remember we had “HK” lot numbers on ammo delivered by the US to Saudi Arabia for the H&K weapons they bought from H&K USA “with ammo”.

If this here is related:

Thank you jpeelen and EOD, I read the discussion you attached, but I was confused a little. Just confirme. I’m in Saudi Arabia, and most of these we believe it’s from the 90s. This box I assume it’s from 97. We never seen any other date. So is this H&K? Or is it another company. From asking around, I came to this answer “it is a contract by the Saudi officials that have been given to a retailer (not a factory) and the retailer give the specifications to a factory” and that what explain why we don’t see it anymore. Note that Saudi had a strong relation with H&K and they predicted the G3. I’m no expert but these ammunition is one of the best we got our hand on and I don’t think we will ever see.