Lot numbers on boxes

As I recall from previous threads (a search didn’t help at all - it essentially brought up almost every thread ever printed no matter how I worded the search) that one of our group is quite expert on box lot numbers, but I forget who it is. Could they please contact me through this thread or thru a PM? We have a very rare and important 9mm box the lot number from which needs deciphering. It is a very important matter to those of us interested in this caliber, for a number of reasons.

Help please!

d’Artagnan here. Did you mean me? I’m presently in North Dakota with only occasional access to a local library’s computer. If I can help, I’m pleased to do so.

d"Artagnan - Yes, I think you are the man! Can you interpret a lot number from a Wester9 Cartridge Company 9mm Parabellum box: A3K E41

The first letter (A) should be that letter, although it is badly stamped.

This is on a one of a kind cartridge box with a Western headstamp never seen except from the specimens in this box. I had it years ago, but gave the box to Lewis Curtis. Now we are trying to see if it ties in to the British WWII contracts, as perhaps a pre-contract offering for testing, or something.

The box picture is on the the thread “9mm - Common” on page two of that thread.

Thanks for your reply



Come on guys, there must be someone out there that can read a Western lot number of a box, and date the ammunition, with all the lot number research that has been done, even on this Forum. I need some help here! The box in question may be one of the most important, and certainly rarest, American 9mm boxes, and wee want desparately to date it so that further intelligent research can be don on it.

Who is our Western expert. If someone has a name of someone wcpert on Western ammo that doesn’t do this Forum, post it, please, or send it to me in a PM. Western was an important company - someone must have it as a specialty!