Lot of foreign 9x19

I recently picked up a lot of 10 different 9x19 cartridges which ended up going for a much higher price than I thought it should have. The only one I was interested in was the Czechoslovakian snap cap dummy with the rubber primer (center). I know most of the others are relatively worthless, but are there any other rare ones in this lot?:

DK - you have good “9mm Instincts.” The Czech drill round is far and away the best round there. While not rare, I would rate it as uncommon to scarce.
The others shown are are fifty-cent pieces, as far as I am concerned.

They are common enough that I doubt they need to be identified further than what the headstamps already tell us.

DK, Since you have them, you may as well start collecting headstamps and dates!!!

Good Hunting,

You can always by a 9mm pistol…

John, You are of course correct, as always. Matt can also cry as the only existent German WWI tracer burns its way downrange! Similar things have happened before.


Lew - its not a tracer.

It is a high-velocity, self-destroying, phosphor incendiary with an AP capability, muzzle velocity of 6,000 FPS with a 200-grain bullet. It was meant especially for the German 2" barrel, aluminum frame, 5-shot version of the P-08.
Recoil was about the same as a .22 BB Cap when the latter is fired from a 12 pound Winchester Model 52 target rifle. This was all accomplished by close attention to the principles developed by the Wizard of Württenberg and was strongly influenced by the intake of several bottles of Liebfraumilch during a Oompah band concert in the Mäthhauser Beer Hall in München. You can only identify it by the fact that the bullet is programmed to yodel all the way to the target. They only made two of these rounds, and I fired one in a previous life.

Next question please?

[quote=“Lew”]DK, Since you have them, you may as well start collecting headstamps and dates!!!
Good Hunting,
I’ll stick with my fascination of Czech 9mm headstamp variations for now. Once I acquire most of them I will have to branch out… slightly.

The HV round, are you describing the titanium cased version with the DU AP capability or the bi-metal brass/aluminum cased version, made in just one small lot for testing?

Now Boy’s

Pete - Really neither. Case details of what I am describing are still classified by the U.S. Air Force as top secret. Only Lew can decipher it.

Krag - I am an old man prone to fits of senility, so you must excuse me. Pete is still a young guy, so I don’t know what his excuse will be? :-) Well, a little of what a nut like me thinks passes for humor does go a long way, so forgive me folks. Besides, I didn’t have my Amaretto today.