Lot vintage cartridge catalogs

Get in your time machine and go back and buy all you can. These came from the Berkeley R. Lewis estate, respected collector, author and Editor of early IAA journals. The lot of 10 for $25.00 plus $5 postage in U.S.

1- Peter Bigler, New Jersey circa 1950s-60s?
2- Jack Brickell, Oregon, June 1970
3- Ed Howe, Maine, June 1961
4- Philip J. Medicus, NY, Catalog No 2- circa 1940s?
5- Miller Brothers, Michigan, circa 1950s-60s?
6- Conjay Arms, London, March 1968
7- Charles Wilkins, Illinois- Catalog No 8, circa 1960s?
8- Charles Wilkins, Illinois- Catalog No 10, circa 1960s?
9- Charles W. Moore, Shenevus, NY, circa 1950s-60s?
10- CIL Ammunition Catalog- circa 1970s?