Lots, and lots of 300 AAC Blackout now

It’s as if this caliber has gone viral, to the point of eventual self-implosion when things calm down. I have seen at least 10 new manufacturers of this over the past year, and it is now popular enough that people are wildcatting off of the case type with notions of improvement. And now this with the Noveske name, because, of course they did. They are actually late to game with this load type (with this look anyway) given Noveske’s propensity for all things tactical:

being a copy of the late 300 Whisper I think that all the wildcats based on the 300 BlackOut are copies of the similar wildcats based on the modified 221 Fireball case… there’s not so much new under the sun…

Matt, those are stellar looking cartridges! Very mean looking!


300 Blackout is now made by PNW Arms with the PNW headstamp. The only caliber with this headstamp so far,


Just a bit of information to share regarding the “NOVESKE” 300 AAC BLACKOUT items that Matt posted earlier.

The “NOVESKE” cartridges are being produced by “NOSLER” in Bend, Oregon. Besides two loadings in 300 AAC BLACKOUT,
there are also two loadings in both 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm.

The different loading being offered are from the NOSLER web site and are as follows:

300 ACC BLACKOUT: 100 gr. Varmageddon Ballistic Tip
220 gr. Ballistic Tip Round Nose

7.62x51mm: 110 gr. Varmageddon Ballistic Tip
168 gr. Ballistic Tip

5.56x45mm: 55 gr. Varmageddon Ballistic Tip
60 gr. Ballistic Tip, Hunting

I earlier today took delivery of a box of the 60 gr. 5.56x45mm, but the box is labeled, 60 gr. Ballistic Glow Tip. The label states the following: Ballistic Glow Tip, glows in the dark after being charged by the sun or artificial light.

If your coming south next month bring an extra “glow in the dark” 5.56 please, have an interesting trader & some P-90’s

Matt did you orderd a box of the Novenske 300 AAC

I suspect a lot of the popularity is among handloaders and hunters. It’s a 50-state-legal deer hunting round designed for the AR-15 that actually works. For handloaders, it uses common bullets and brass.

Also, the initial launch was especially solid.