LOTS of 7mm pinfires & a great way to store small cartridges


I have shown before how I was using the Plano bins and drawers to store my collection, and they are excellent to stash away and the absolute best for traveling, however they were not great when just looking at or showing off a collection.

I have since bought a few older watchmaker’s parts drawers that are sectioned off perfectly for .22s, Floberts, pinfires, pistol rounds, etc. They were originally made to hold little glass vials that are corked at the top with watch parts in it. (you can see a vial in the very bottom of the bottom picture)

The ones I have been looking for are metal cabinets, with light wood inserts that are pre-cut to hold cartridges.
Here is an example from online:

And here is what the insides look like, along with my collection of 310 unique 7mm pinfire cartridges.
Click any of the following pictures for a much larger version.


Aaron–Great 7mm Pinfire collection. Those watchmakers parts cabinets sure are perfect for smaller cartridges. It looks like about 9mm would be the maximum size they would hold. Do your 12mm Pinfires fit? How about something as large as .45 ACP? What is the maximum length cartridge they will hold?


Is there any possibility of the chemicals used to treat the wood corroding the cartridges? It wouldn’t be good to get caught out when it was too late.


The slots are an inch and a half and they fit the 12mm pretty well. The 15mm fit too but have to be placed every other slot. Also with the 15mm I have to make sure the pins are not sticking up or they get stuck inside the drawer.