Lots of case-quantity boxes

In getting ready for SLICS I have been working on my table display, which this year is on modern case-quantity packaging. Some of the photos below are of rare obscure case boxes, and some are just certain types that I show for variations. I have a Power Point slide show to go with it and some boxes are showing variations of color / style / size, etc… I have presumed that virtually nobody collects these due to price & availability. The rarest one is probably the lowly little"Jihawg" mini-case with it’s rubber-stamped logo. That was the short-lived company that was applying pink tips to common FMJ ammo which purportedly had Pork byproducts in the paint (with an intention of use vs Muslim extremists who would be doubly offended by such a thing) It was a gimmick which failed in less than a year due to the proprietors receiving death-threats towards their families. The Winchester .45acp 500rd case is also fun where it is a print error saying “500 10rd boxes”

IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1433

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What is the HS on the 303 British rounds in the first box?

Also what is the deal with Ted Nugent 44 MAG?

The WPA .303 is rare? Hmm… Shot up a bunch of that haha

The Wolf .303 ammo and ammo boxes aren’t rare, it is the case itself in excellent condition that is rare. Everyone throws them away, and very few retail customers would purchase a full case, let alone keep the box. The distributors and big box stores all recycle them, which is where most of the non-shotshell case boxes end up I think.

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A small ammo manufacturer by the name of Pierce Munitions (now out of business) had a branding deal with Ted Nugent to produce his signature line of ammo in common hunting rifle calibers, and common handgun calibers. The .44mag was a Speer “Unicor” Hollow Point, which is Speer’s magnum hunting version of the bonded Gold Dot. Pierce went out of business after producing this stuff for around a year, and then Double Tap picked up the brand. Double Tap however, didn’t bother with “NUGENT” headstamps, so they’re no fun.

“Peace Through Pork”…Love it!!!

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That’s interesting about the LVE .303 ;problems. I have an unfinished case, bimetal (copper over steel), in .45 Auto caliber, headstamp “LVE 12 45 Auto” that reached the headstamping stage, but the extracotr groove and bevel are not cut yet, not is the case trimmed to length. The primer pocket and avil are formed, but the flash holes have not been punched (or drilled) yet.

It is now seven years old, and I have yet to see or hear of this caliber being offered by LVE, so I assume that they had problems with it also, and gave up on it.

As to the high-quantity ammunition boxes shown here, they are very interesting. Hard for most to collect, for reasons of availability, cost (of buy full cases) and space. When one falls into my hands for one reason or another (auto pistol only), I keep it, but I probably have less than a dozen. Still, they serve to show various forms of commercial and military packaging.

John Moss