Lots of great test footage - bullet expansion / penetration


I came across a user on Youtube by the user-name of andreleger2001 and he has over 350 videos of bullet test footage - mostly shooting bullets into jugs of water. He does great close-ups of the cartridge, and usually the box it came in, as well as the test itself and the aftermath showing the expanded bullet. I know that shooting into water jugs isn’t exactly laboratory grade testing, but it does show relative penetration and offer decent footage of expanded bullets of many types.

Here is one of the Grizzly Cartridge co. “Xtreme” total copper in .45acp:

You can see all his videos by clicking on his name at the top left.

PS - speaking of the Grizzly Cartridge Xtreme line - they offer a lot of calibers these days in that type - even .357Sig, 10mm, and .32 auto:


Anybody familiar with this Grizzly ammo? I’d be interested to know if the cartridges have their own proprietary headstamp, or if it’s just the common Starline stamp.


All of the Punch bullets and other stuff that I have from them has so far been Starline brass.


Here is one