Lower rifle band

Hope it’s still in topic of this forum… I am looking for help with identification of this lower rifle band. Headstamped “87” on back. Anybody saw similiar somewhere?


Looks like might be Springfield or Remington Rolling block, (same band used on both, sometimes with an ‘S’ proof, 87 is likely last two of the serial number), but it also looks like a dozen other military barrel bands… measurements will help, after you soak it for 48 hours in KROIL to remove corrosion, to see of there are more marks.

Thank you for suggestions. I cleaned it up a bit (after taking photo), there is no other headstamps except “87”. Measurements:

Do you know where it was recovered? Jack

I found it on junkyard in Southern Poland. Austrian/Rusian? Or maybe later something went with Germans? Tried to ask on polish forums but nothing…

The dimensions given suggest to me that this was on a larger caliber black powder arm, perhaps a percussion or breech-loading single shot. I would be inclined to think Austrian or Russian are more likely than German. It’s a tough one. Jack

Definitely not Springfield or Remington. Dimensions suggest early black powder cartridge rifle, but could be percussion era as well.
The screw sunk into the lower portion of the band is more of a European style, closely resembling the Mosin Nagant bands, but may have been similar on the Berdan or Krnka rifles as well. I don’t know much about Austrian, but also a possibility.

Numbered bands are not seen on Mosins as a general thing, but no idea of Berdan and earlier. The general style is similar to the original Mosin infantry rifle tho. Jack

I think that I found it at Werndl M.67.



Actually, those dimensions are very close to two “U” stamped Remington Rolling Block/Springfield Trapdoor band I have in hand, internal measurements are only off by a couple millimeters, but now I note the bottom of the band is different, just above and where the screw goes through…
At this time I can not get to my 1867 Werndl to take measurements.

If you will have it in your hand, I will be thankful if you measure :)

I pulled the bands off and after I got the height and width, the battery in my caliper died… But it looks like you have a Werndl rear band!

And here is the front band, since I had to remove it to get the rear band off. Note how they stamped the serial number.

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