LTL "pistol grenade" with bullet trap

Just came across this and wonder if this will make it into service:

[quote=“EOD”]Just came across this and wonder if this will make it into service:[/quote]

Ferguson Police Dept, State of Missouri is reportedly the first agency in the U.S. to issue the “gun condom”.
This kind of stuff is going to do just what LE Administrators, Liberals and anti-cop protestors want: dead cops!

Leon, thanks for the info. Lets see what they will have to say after some time.

can I buy an example/one ??

EOD, that is a wonderful idea! Police forces everywhere should adapt something similar! And there would no doubt be less deaths!

Just adopt German law where you are not allowed to use force against thiefs coming into your house at 3am.
You just offer a cup of coffee, snacks and maybe your wife or daughter. When the “visitor” is gone you call the police and noone is hurt.
If you dare to harm such a “visitor” it will be you going to jail!
With open EU borders we are getting a lot of such “visitors” in recent times which also bring their own guns and ammo.
I have to admit that some of the ammo showing up then is quite exotic - to our delight (just does not justify the price of it).
Welcome to disarmed, political correct and dogooding Germany where the only right of the law abiding citizen is to pay rediculous taxes.


I guess the trick is, to not let the “visitor” leave your house… Maybe keep a bottle of red wine on hand! Lol.

I heard they make good vertilizer…

If I remember correctly, the recent Ferguson MO episode took 12 shots to finish the job.

Ray, could you explain it a bit for us non-insider/non-US folks?

This company announced this product a few years ago but now they are offering a redesigned model. Below are pictures of the earlier version:

And the first model:

A few months ago a Ferguson Missouri police officer was confronted by a local thug and had to use deadly force to end the situation. As I remember, he fired 12 shots, most of which hit the yahoo but didn’t stop him until the final round to the head. The entire thing dominated the National news for several weeks.


Ray, you forgot to add that the Officer shot and expended the rounds after the “innocent” young man had succeeded in breaking the Officer’s orbital bone. The entire incident caused several weeks of peaceful protest with very little destruction of personal property (only about 6 to 12 city blocks). The protests finally ended, coincidentally, with the advent of cold weather.

Ray and Bruce, interesting details! This sounds way different from what our guided mass media was telling us here in Europe!

Fede, tanks for the additional images of the early variants of this device.

Maybe I missed it but who is making these? Is there a manufacturer website?

Found this: … ethal-gun/

let’s remember fellas; that the political commentary is skating on thin ice on this forum per our Forum/IAA “rules”.

aside from that… does anyone know if they would sell an example or 2 of this to a civilian such as us collectors ?

(I am on a one-week business trip and have not tried to contact them)

Alex, this is their website:



Fede, thanks! I tried to find them but the naming was too common and search results were not very helpfull.

Pepper, I knew my postings might raise the one or the other eye brow. If anything is incorrect please delete the regarding section.

Three more Oscar awarding videos showing the earlier version made by Awater Ltd.