Luck's Explosives


Have you any info on a company called Luck’s Explosives in London



J-P. I have nothing on “Luck’s Explosives, London.” However, I found the following entry on page 317 of the Greenhill/Walter book:

“Luckes. S. Luckes, Bridge Street, Castle Green & St. James Foundry, Taunton, Somerset. This English gun and ammunition distributor had depots in Langport, Washford and Wiveliscombe. His name has been found on sporting guns and accessories, including shotgun cartridges sold under the brandname Taunton Demon.”

Don’t know if this helps or not. By the way, any of these location/name questions you have asked recently that I have not answered is because I found nothing on them. I have searched the few books I have on manufacturers for all of them.

John Moss


Thank you very much for your work, John

It doesn’t seem that but it gives me precious indication if one day I find the brandname Taunton Demon.
Thanks a lot John