Lucky Australia


Australian Customs Service-Border protection sent me a letter a couple of weeks ago informing me that Australia Post will no longer carry items of warefare in any form internationally.

I was dissapointed!

In the accompanying letter was a Importation Fact Sheet, which refered to an Inert & Inoperability Standard. As part of this standard all projectiles, fuses, primers, mortars & grenades have to be sectioned by at least a quarter removed!!!

How do you think I feel now!!!

Needless to say I am frantically trying to contact as many collectors as possible to try & get this policy reversed!

Very Unhappy Ozzi.


Are you still able to use private companies like UPS and Fedex?


Could you post the document itself. Many would be interested in seeing the full list of prohibited items. For example, are swords and bayonets banned as well? Just to get an idea of how silly bureaucrats can be.

Maybe ban geologic specimens as well, since rocks are well documented as having been used as weapons?


I second Vlad, just use UPS & FedEX, they have no restrictions.


The Australian government seems to be going the way of the UK. I’ve heard that they want to censor the internet as well.


UPS and FedEx International are very costly. For a 1 pound package that I can mail to England for 5 USD, it would cost me between $50 and $75 to go UPS International. Going all the way to the other side of the world would probably cost even more.



As I understand it the internet is already monitored and every time a key word appears in a post or an email that message gets read. We must really keep them busy!
I think we have to face facts here, its not us they are out to get but we are going to be affected, we are already. Its not going to change so all we can do is accept it. You can’t fight the system, is useless to try.

The question of inert items is a grey area in Britain thats never been a problem but it has never been legally santioned either. I for one don’t want to be the subject of a test case to find out. Thats why I don’t have a collection anymore.
So if you are reading this Mr Government person, don’t bother kicking my front door down at 4oclock in the morning, there is nothing here.


Australia Post is a seperate entity to Customs but the letters came together in the same evelope, the sectioning requirement is from Customs.

You can find what is covered in Items of Warfare by looking at Australian Customs Service Regulations Schedule 2, there are too many to list. The fact sheet should also be found there.

The correspondence I have had is by E-Mail as the inoperability & inert standards are not listed anywhere, I had to ask what they were.

DHL have advised that they will not carry such items, not having to use UPS or FedEx before I am unaware of their services to Australia- another avenue to try.

I am not quite ready to throw the towel in yet! (give up)!

Regards Ozzi.