Luftwaffe 20 mm MG

Luftw1 Luftw2

A friend of mine has this cartridge, found close to his house in the early days of WW2.
The mouth Ø is 20 mm, I have no other Dimensions, but I guess this is well known?
Made by Poltewerke in 1938?

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Why Luftwaffe? This is a standard 20x138B Rheinmetall for AA guns.
Polte in 1938 is correct.

Hi and thank you:
‘Luftwaffe’ because it has always been believed that this cartridge came from above…?
No Becker MG was in service on 1940 + planes?

I thinking because Lancaster, judging by his name is in England… Perhaps?

No Becker in 1940, to be correct not after 1919.
And the Becker was chambered in 20x70RR. Also I would be surprised seeng those having been used above the UK back in 1918.

This case is a souvenir somebody has brought home.

Sorry to both of you: Ofcourse there is a central piece of info missing: My bad:
This case was found out west in NORWAY and is no souvenir brought home, this was found
in the field after a raid, at least as the story has always been told.

Good story, and it may be true, but it is very unlikely unless there was a German flak gun in the area and the aircraft were pretty low. Lots of other possibilities and no way to rule them out. Only the case knows the real story!


I thought they used 20x 138B autocannons on ground stuff as well

It was “ground only” except for an experimental version which was the MG C/30L in the mid 1930s which also is easy to tell apart from regular flak cases.

Sorry I meant in the ground assault/defense role not anti-aircraft role…

The Panzer II had a 20mm KwK 30 that fired the 20x138B cartridge, and the Solothurn S-18/1000 anti tank rifle fired it.