Lugansk Crate with Saudi markings in Syria / 7.62x39 LCW

I saw this BBC Article earlier.

There is a good readable photo of the crate markings.

Here the key image:

I was lucky to know somebody who had a look at the content.
The hs in there supposedly is “LCW 10 7.62x29”. (as never observed before)

There rebels have plenty of weapons supplied by the west and those who assist the west like Saudi Arabia and Quatar. Mostly they try to use communist style surplus weapons as this is what people know there already and what makes support from outside (and in particular form the west) less obvious. Nevertheless 100% western armament has also been encountered there already.
I assume it to be exactly the same as in Libya just that no NATO air force is doing bombing practice there as the Russians will shoot down anything that gets close to their base there (and what is the reason why noone wants to send over his troops).
The Russian base in Syria is the only one in the Mediterranian, go figure how much they are interested in loosing it…

[quote=“EOD”]Here the key image:
The hs in there supposedly is “LCW 10 7.62x29”. (as never observed before)

I ask people from Lugansk plant about this headstamp, and they answer that don’t know about it, because Lugansk had never made 7,62x39 cases|cartridges with LCW headstamp.

As for me, the style of headstamp is not like Lugansk. LCW don’t place year in headstamp, and known manufacturers codes on cases 7,62x39 made at Lugansk for today are:

Of course, headstamp “LCW 10 7.62x29” possibly could be stamped on the cases by customer request only for one contract, who know

Here is the image of the LCW headstamp on the 7.62x39 case from the rogueadventurer website:

Strange that Dastan Engineering has a branch in Bishkek which was “Frunze” back in Soviet times. Talking about ammo this sounds odd no?

Forgot to post these earlier:

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Here’s the photo of the spam can from Chris’ piece:

[quote=“RogueAdventurer”]Forgot to post these earlier:
Here’s the photo of the spam can from Chris’ piece:


Gunpowder Sunar 7,62 1/10K - this sport (hunting) powder produced in Russia at the Kazan State gunpowder factory in 2010.
Strange for Ukrainian ammunition …

Not really as Lugansk loaded/is loading quite a lot of Russian propellant in their products (mainly 5.45 and 9x18).

For example Barnaul from Russia is using propellant from a west European country.