Luger brand ammo made by PPU

Does anybody happen to know who is behind the “Luger” brand ammunition?
The cartridges are made by PPU and the box has not other manufacturer or trade house name than the said Luger and if it matters also the letters “SJ”.

The question arose now from a 20 rd box of SP .222 Rem. which seems to be mainly in German but also has short data in English, French and Spanish.

If I remember correctly, Eduard Kettner in Cologne used this brand name for a short period of time before they went out of business. I believe this has been discussed on this forum.

Eduard Kettner used at least the brandname. I do not know about ammunition but I encountered several hunting rifles in caliber 12, superposés, named Luger by Kettner.

Dirk, that is a good hint already!

Maybe someone can confirm?

yep, thats correct…and I think, the owner of this brandname is NOW actually Waffen-Schumacher…

Peter, thanks a lot!