Lyman Accelerating Cartridge Co

Does any one know anything of this outfit, in business for about two years in 1890-91 at 9 Chambers "Street in New York. They marketed a shotshell using early compress smokeless powders and made some claims for it that couldn’t be proven at the time. Their cartridge used a standard shot shell with an extended flash tube primer to gain additional velocity. I’d really like to know more, if any one can help. A bonus would be to know of an actual cartridge, maybe marked with the logo EXPERT.

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Forest and Stream Magazine, 1891, Feb. 26 advertisment, hope this helps.

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I had seen this, but I thank you for the clearer image of what I was able to muster up. I think this Lyman concept ( NOT the William Lyman of gun sight fame) died out like most of his other ideas.

I have not seen any references to articles, or “articles” written as sales brochures, other than this one advert.
Still looking through old things and will let you know if I find anything.

I meant to add, this is like the compressed powder cakes they sell today for muzzle loaders. They call them Pellets, and are made in .44/.45 and .50 caliber rifles, and for some handgun calibers.
Made by Pyrodex and Hodgdon, the problem with them is that, unlike loose powder, you are not likely to find the MOST accurate load for your firearm.

Thank you. It is important to remember that this was 1891, and the powders would have been the prehistoric smokeless (“nitro”) powders such as American Wood and Schultz. I am just as interested in the business/development side of the Lyman ( I know all about him) concept as i am the marketing aspect.

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