M-1 Garand En Block Clip Manufacturers?

I have been shooting the M-1 Garand since some time in the early 1970s’ for both fun and competition, and I never noticed that all of the En Block clips I have, (in excess of 50), have various makers marks on them.

A quick google search turned up [too]much information, more quickly than I thought it would, including a 2008 post in IAA, which- for a reason unknown to me- when opened only shows all posts from “HISTORIAN”, but signed by others… with a notation of putting the clip list on IAA, but my search turned up nothing in ‘Reference’, and ‘Resource Center’ would not allow me to search! M-1 Garand clips ).

Here is a sampling of mine, the most prevalent being DAQ and BR-W 6.
The 4 round and 5 round competition clips are AEC 3, a civillian manufacturer.

Following the photos is a .pdf list of manufacturers, as complete as I can compile from many web site forums, some old enough that there is no active links on them.
I do not have the Pyle book, and cannot find my copy of Bruce Canfields’ tome. Please forgive me for not putting markings next to descriptions, this has already taken me several hours… and I am plumb tuckered out.

M-1 Garand En Block Clip Codes .pdf (40.8 KB)


Badger, I’m glad you posted this. I have been wondering myself, as I have hundreds I’m going to sell soon and was wondering if any are rare, more valuable, collectable etc. I too did a quick search and there was so much info I got swamped and decided to put it off for another day. I have been meaning to revisit it because I need to sell all these extras I have but didn’t want to till I could make sure I wasn’t selling good ones for pennies.

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There are some people in the Garand Collectors Association who seem to be obsessed with these, and have compiled check lists, but I don’t remember where. I think maybe between 50 and 100 different marking and other detail variations. Those people are crazy.

Of course, they probably think chasing headstamps is crazy too.


I tend to agree on both points, but, then again, I do not collect En Block clips by markings!

DAQ might be Dominion Arsenal - Quebec (1882-1945). In 1945 it became part of Canadian Arsenals Limited (CAL). They might have kept the manufacturer code for the Quebec site.

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I have no idea of what is or is not valuable in En Block clips. I did not see much info on values, but, I can tell you that I have never seen ANY of the Winchester clips bade for training purposes, or the early straight clips, nor the experimental 10 round clips- those three could have ‘buy me a new shotgun’ values…

If you plan on selling them off:
EVILBAY has prices all over the place, 3/$10.00 to 10/$14.00.

AND, https://www.ammogarand.com/clipsmagazines.html has them for $1.00 each, in quantities of 6~50, some with cardboard for bandoliers.

Which reminds me, I need to pick up one of the S.L.E.D. clips, yea, just so I can say I have one, even at $8.00.
Wow, that is just like collecting cartridges, ain’t it?!

I have never seen those competition clips, those look amazing! I can see why those guys go nuts over them.

Yea, I noted that in the .pdf

If anyone wants a word .doc instead, message me and I will send it to you.
QUESTION: Can I post word .doc here? Have not tried yet…

Unless you have competed with the Garand, you would not know.

I know guys who have many Garands, (collectors, sheesh!), and had no idea they existed.

The 5 round lips and 2 round clips, (I actually listed them as 4 round on my diagram page, duh, slap forehead!), are for the comps where you need to fire a 10 round string, sometimes in a timed comp.
Garand shooters are at a distinct disadvantage against M1A/M14 shooters in that respect!

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As a clip collector of long standing lists are one of the symptoms of the affliction … here’s a blank copy of my working list of Garand clip manufacturers, any suggestions or critiques are very welcome;


I put my list in alphabetical order, 41 lines [I believe], but I put the same maker with different munbers or letters added for the different machines all on the same line, for simplicity.
Feel free to use any that you may not have in your list.
And yes, a chart is better, but I am generally not that talented… :-)

I never understood the need for the two rounders. When I shot M-1s in competition we loaded two rounds and a regular 8 round enbloc and reloaded with a full clip. It was not difficult unless you were not coordinated.

Two others. One nickel plated B.R.W. 1 bottom marks. No idea about the history on this. Perhaps by an American Legion or VFW or ??
The other a Western States Cartridge Show commemorative which were individually numbered on the other side.

Yes, I have seen the method for crossing two rounds in a clip in order to load them quickly… So, I guess those two round clips are allowed in competition, that is just cool! I have practiced with the two round crisscross in the standard enbloc, it’s ok with a bit of practice. I can see myself getting into enbloc collecting too…

Ooooo,er … it’s a slippery slope, believe me.

I started off collecting only Enfield chargers nearly 20 years ago and I’m still careering down the slope now.



Ha! I’m sure of that! I remember someone describing to me the slippery slope… first guns, then ammo, then exotic dancer clips… He seems to have been spot on!

Henry, if you do not learn to control it you will end up with a tank in your front yard! :-)

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Oh, if only…!!!

Nickle plated was probably for Honour Guard, or Parade, use by Veterans organizations.

The commemorative clip is cool!

The overlapping of two rounds in a timed competition [the ITT shoot, for instance] will leave you at a disadvantage.

I just used two 5 round clips for consistency, and muscle memory.