M/39s boxes: Variations on a theme


The few remnants of the once numerous swedish 9 mm M/39 cartridges are slowly being used up by surplus-gunowners in this country. Personally I would never fire any of this in my Pardini or CZ, but others are not that particular. I’ve managed to save a few boxes of the stuff. Seems every ammunitions plant had their own printing style for labels, just like in Germany. The box lower right is one made (relabelled) in this country. ladn.ukendt means load unknown



Thank you for posting this. I have a fair collection of Swedish 9mm boxes, but there are a couple here I have never seen, including the Danish repacking of Swedish ammunition - the box at the lower right in your picture. Actually, its funny. I have all the label styles on the left side of your picture and none of the ones on the right side of your picture. This picture you submitted will go right into my Swedish 9mm file.

John Moss


Here is some more: