M 43 slap

the USSOCOM are use during the first time of the war in afghanistan the STONER SR 47 in 7,62 x 39 mm
I found a picture of a M 43 SLAP produce probably in USA .
it is use really by the US ARMY? and someone have informations about this cartridge, data and manufacturer.
thanks a lot

I have not seen that exact round, but I have one very similar with a black tip in a Chinese case. Those tan plastic sabots were readily available on the US shooter market. I believe your round, my round, and many like them with different color tips were made as exotic shooting ammo in the US, and not for any military organization. I have never heard of anything like them returning from any combat zone, or reported having been used operationally.

thanks for your response jon.
I think some in the us arsenal they have many caliber in SLAP they try M 43 in SLAP!

This is not an authentic cartridge. These were reportedly made by C&T Enterprises in Tucson, Arizona, IIRC. They turned up at gun shows back in the late 1980’s in California with all kinds of stories as to what they were.
To my knowledge, the only authentic 7.62x39mm cartridges with saboted projectiles that are in any way authentic are some that were made by FN for some experiement or another. The ones I saw had clear plastic sabots.


The projectile is entirely different than those found in the true SLAP loadings, also. The latter are very pointed with a straight tapered ogive, not jacketed, just the bare penetrating element.


I can confirm that this is a product from C&T Enterprises in Tucson. We bought a couple with Bill Woodin during one of my stays in Arizona!

This small company specialised in curious loadings of every kind and nature, using mostly chinese and ex-czech reformed cases. Very decorative in drawers, but nothing else…!


many thanks for your help