M-6 aircraft emergency smoke signal

It was sold to me as a WWII item. I seriously doubt that, it looks like a civilian 1950-1960’s item, but better ask than sorry. So, is it WWII? In New Jersey, where gun shows are forbidden, and militaria shows do not allow live ammo, this is the closest to “live” one may get.

Hello Vlad, this smoke signal was patented in July 12, 1949 by Joseph W. Van Karner of New York, NY (apllication filed November 14, 1944) and it was advertised as a “new product” in the early 1950’s.

Thanks, Fede. Do you know if it has been used by the military?

Vlad, I can’t find this signal in military inventories but the Coast Guard used to have many Van Karner products in use.