M-60 MG belt, all dummies


I got a couple of feet of linked FA 50 fluted ,308 rounds for M-60 machinegun. They all have a deep pocket where the primer usually resides and at the bottom there is what I take to be a firing pin mark. How was this used? Surely M-60 does not cycle without gun powder.


If you mean that there’s something that looks like a firing-pin imprint at the bottom of the primer pocket itself, that’ll just be an artifact left over from the cartridge-case manufacturing process. If they just have popped primers seated in the primer pockets, that’s normal for certain dummies as well, and the “flutes” almost certainly mean that those rounds were manufactured as dummies.


But what does a beltfull of dummies do? One can cycle a bolt rifle with a dummy, but what does one do with a machinegun?


Just for looks; I know that many of the “grungier” street kids in this area like to wear them as belts, as a form of street jewelry (of course, that brings the attendant risk of being stopped and questioned by a SWAT team).



They were probably used to check the functioning of the MG. When a gun was taken apart for cleaning, repair, etc. There had to be a way to check to make sure everything was still working and that the GI put all the parts back where they belonged.

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If the cases are “fluted” ( four indetations in case body, usually coloured red) and the Primer Pocket is unfinished (Blind) then those are “Drill Rounds” used for training soldiers in Loading , Unloading, and functioning the Gun.
The Date opf the headstamp, “FA 50” makes them probably Drill Rounds made by using .30/06 cases and reforming them into Drill Rounds, as the defginitive 7,62 Nato cartridge was not adopted until the 1952-53 period, and didn’t get into definite Production until 1954.
So these Drill cartridges were made up using reject or out of specification Cases , either of the 7,62 Nato Trials process, or from .30/06 cases, reworked to 7,62 Specifications…The Size of the extractor groove especially, is different ( wider) on the 7,62 Nato than the .30/06.

A photo would be helpful.

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These are 6 “fluted”, sorry for the scan, have to go to sleep,work,work,work.


A belt full of dummies can be used to train new operators on loading and unloading as well as “how it all works” by cycling the dummy rounds through the MG. Armorers also use these to test weapons. Althought the fluted dummies are intended for troop training and the blackened, sand-filled dummies without flutes are intended to be used by armorers, in practice (in my experience) these two types were used interchangeably. Interesting headstamp on these rounds!



The FA .50. headstamp is from the pre production T1E3 series and is not particularly rare. Mostly seen on loaded cartridges. The meaning of the dots are not known but belived to identify a particular primer. The dummies are probably made from rejects.