M.8 headstamp question


This headstamp, M.8, on 8x50R rounds and clips is described in the White


M.8 1937 and of manufacturing Hirtenberger for Italy.


I agree with pierre jean

take a look here

worldwar.it/sito/munizioni/i … italaliani

“M” probably stands for “Mannlicher” since Hirtemberger also loaded 8 x 50R Lebel ammunition simply headstamped with a star and date

I also think that the “M” on your Mauser clip could stand for “Mauser”,but I don’t know the maker


Thank you pierre-jean. What book is that page from? I’ll have to try and get one.
Thanks Pivi for the link.



This book.

waffenbuecher.com/Bilder/App … tseite.htm