M-90 in Bosnia-Herzegovina using new headstamp

M-90 apparently doesn’t sell ammunition in the US market but are known in Europe. They have brought out a new MXT line of pistol ammunition with the MXT headstamp. Has anyone seen this ammunition?

A headstamp of the 9x19mm load would be appreciated.



Lew, M-90 is from Croatia.

I was unable to find the “MXT” headstamp on their site. How do you know it exists?

Could this hs maybe be shown?

Does anyone know what MXT stands for, since M-90 (Also written as “M90”) is still the company name?

If in the Croat language, both the Croat and a translation would be appreciated.

John Moss

Hi John, I don’t know the meaning of this trademark, but considering the labels and box design, I presume this is a trademark derived from the “MAXXTech” brand from Pobjeda. It is also likely that most of their new ammunition line, except for shotshells, is of Bosnian origin.



Fede - M-90’s factory catalog indicates they had a close tie with the Franco-Italian firm of Cheddite. Where does the Bosnian connection come in? I remember that Cheddite, some years ago, had announced that they would be producing a range of metallic cartridges, although to date, I have not seen any of them, at least with their headstamp. I just assumed, probably a dangerous thing to do, that if M-90 was not actually producing this new line themselves, that it would be Cheddite doing it.

Can you explain the connection of “the trademark derived from the MAXXTechBrand from Pobjeda” you mentioned? I just compared a picture of the MXT label with several MAXX boxes in my collection, and other that the letters MXT are found in Croat box marking as well as in the full word “MAXXTech,” which does not appear as the Brand Trademark on the boxes I checked, I don’t see any similarity.

I appreciate any explanation you can give for clarification. Since they make Makarov Ammo at M-90 (or sell it, at any rate), it is very important to me to get the story straight.

Muchisimas gracias, amigo mio.


John, if you compare this new “MXT” ammunition line and current Pobjeda line, you will notice that they are offering almost the same products (an exception is the shotshell line using Cheddite cases and possibly the rimfire line, that may came from another supplier). Those circular plastic boxes -blanks and non-lethal- are also typical of Pobjeda, and note that the label indicates “Supplier: M-90 d.o.o.”, and not “Made in”.

Another hint indicating they are not manufacturing any of the pistol ammunition mentioned above, is that they haven’t homologated any new cartridges since 2002 (only shotshells and 9 mm Para.)

Saludos amigo,


Fede, did you happen to compare the older known 9x19 M-90 headstamp to Pobjeda ones?
Are there similarities?

Fede - precisely what I need to know. Makes a lot of sense. I misunderstood your first offering about a possible Bosnia connection, and got fixated on just the actual “MXT” printing on the box label, and its style of lettering, etc. I also didn’t think that probably Cheddite would be more involved with the shotgun ammunition, since shotgun stuff is about the farthest thing from what I collect. My focus was primarily on the 9 mm Makarov round, with the questions I asked.

As usual, you come thru like a champion.



Dartagnan, thanks a lot for the image!

Does anybody have the catalog of M90?
The link for the catalog on their website is not active.

Excellent, thank you very much for the caliber/headstamp combo update!

That is quite a chamfer on the .40 S&W (10x22) case!

Just to avoid confusion, please note that all these “MXT” headstamp came from “MAXX Tech” brand boxes made by Pobjeda for Grasso Holdings in the States, and not from “MXT” brand boxes made for M-90 in Croatia.

It appears Pobjeda is making the cases for M-90 then or is “MXT” the new abbreviation of MAXX Tech"?

Your comment about chamfer made me think – always dangerous. The 380 AUTO cases also have an obvious chamfer. Several things indicate to me that MXT is the new MAXXTech. First, when I was recovering the 40 S&W’s there was an empty MAXXTech/Made in Bosnia (et cetera) box with a fingers-type tray like PPU uses (pink no less). Similar box design as the older Tulammo/BrassMAXX/Made in Italy boxes but without the “Tulammo”“Made in Italy” bit. Of course when I realized it was the box for the MXT’s and went back to the range to retrieve it, it was gone. Anyway, I readily found MAXXTech 40 S&W and 380 AUTO cases to compare:

I’m good with MXT = MAXXTech.
Finally I do have some MAXXTech 18 9mm LUGER cases – same design – but haven’t found them yet. I’ll post pics when I do.

Hi Alex,

Likely both, the Croatian “MXT” brand is very likely a Pobjeda product (see above discussion), and “MXT” is the new “MAXX Tech” headstamp.



MAXXTech 18 and 19.

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Fede and dArtagnan, very good work!

So we just need to figure the connection between Pobjeda and M90. Is anything known about?

And nice to see dated MAXX Tech headstamps!

Looking at all this now makes me think if the “MXT” line of M-90 actually has an MXT headstamp or if the MXT headstamp we see coincidentally is the new MAXXTech headstamp?
Are two different things getting mixed up here?

Has anybody seen MXT headstamps coming out of M-90 MXT line boxes?