"M" Headstamp 7mm Mauser


I think I have this 7mm Mauser identified correctly but am uncertain about where it came from.

I have a couple of cartridges with the below “M” headstamp.

Has it ever been decided if this is a Hertenberg Petronen cartridge made for Spain or is it an original Spanish “Electrica” cartridge? It looks alot like the headstamp from a 9x19 cartridge from Electrica of Madrid.

Ideas, opinions, or theories?



Can you post a picture of the Electra 9mm Headstamp that looks like the 7mm posted? I have never even heard of this company making 9mm, either Parabellum, which I would think unlikely, or 9mm Largo, which might make more sense.

John Moss

Hi John,

This is my only reference for the 9x19mm. It comes from the Small Caliber Ammunition Identification Guide.

Additionally, here is information and a footnote from the www.municion.org for this 7mm Mauser headstamp.

“Hirtenberg Patronen, of Austria. Other authors maintain that 7mm is made by Standard Ele’ctrica, S.A. (Madrid) exclusively and during the civil war. To see note and photos the foot.”

"Note on marcaje “M”, number 0052: Several people have expressed doubts that this marcaje corresponds to a Spanish manufacture military, given the high quality of manufacture of misma.Seg

I will try to find that posting on the website, as I can’t get much out of the normal poor “Babelfish” translations. My Spanish is not fluent, but it is enough that with my dictionaries I can translate something short without much problem, and with considerably more accuracy than babelfish.

I can’t comment on whether Electra made the 7 x 57mm or not. It is out of my field and I have never seen the round to know its characteristics. However, I find the entry in the Small Arms Identification guide suspect. Firstly, it is an American Government publication on ammunition. Aside from specific reports, with the actual manufacturer’s input or the input of those testing a specific type of ammunition, which are usually detailed and, I assume, accurate, I have found U.S. Government publications on general ammunition themes to be sadly wanting for accuracy and completeness. The 9 x 19 cartridge was not widely used in Spain until after WWII. If the Guide referred to this as a 9mm Largo (9 x 23mm) I would be less suspicious that it is wrong, but I don’t know anyone who has seen either caliber of pistols ammunition mentioned with this “M” headstamp. That doesn’t mean it was never produced, but it does call it into question.

Does anyone know who made the “M” headstamped cartridge in 7mm Mauser?