M.S. & C. Co headstamp..Anyone know it

I found this in a new collection. It had a note with it saying unknown Circa 1916.USA but found in Germany.
I have never heard or seen this one, or rely on what the note stated as it came for a novice collector. (Probably assumed US made as the Winchester primer). It does not appear to be a re-load. Can anyone shed any light on this one?


There was a company in Germany working with silverware in the late 1800’s by the name of “M.S. & C”:


Working with metal and stamping out cases would presumably be no problem for a company making silverware, so that’s a possibility. If 1916 has any significance, then it might be some limited production cartridges made for some S&W model 10 revolvers that the Germans captured during the war? That seems sort of a stretch, and very odd that this headstamp would be unknown until now? Or it could be a plausible obvious back-story for a fake rare trial run from wherever it came.

German Silver is an English or American Wording for Cupro-Nickel alloy…in German it is called “Pinchbeck”, in Italian “Alpaca” and in French it is “???”

So the Initials may not be for a German company, but one in the USA, hence the Winchester Primer.


Ah, thanks Doc, some new trivia learned today then. It’s a much more plausible story then that this M.S.&C. co was an American silverware company which got into making some cases possibly, which would make more sense for the caliber. Still strange that the headstamp seems unknown.

At this late date it seems to me that an American origin of the cartridge case–Winchester primer notwithstanding–is a real long shot. Since there was some manufacture after the first war in Germany and Austria of American calibers for the American market by poorly-identified makers I’d vote for European origin. Jack