M1 30 Carbine clips

Various countries used the 30 Carbine and produced ammunition for the same. Did these countries also produce stripper clips and magazine chager adaptors? If so, are these maked in a way to distinguish them? Were US made clips and adaptors ever so marked?

Was the 30 Carbine the first system to use a clip and charger ‘spoon’ arrangement for loading a magazine?

Happy collecting, Peter


At least one country did


That’s super, thank you.

Given the propensity of the military around the world to stamp identifying marks onto things it’s odd that this is one item that seems to have been left relatively plain. There were several other countries that produced ammunition, I wonder if it was issued in clips or loose and if in clips, whether these were unmarked US issue or locally produced ones.

All in all, a bit of a mystery to me.


PS Now the hunt for Korean clips starts!