M1 Carbine Ammo Packet

Been offered some packets of ammo and question is were .30 Carbine packets ever wrapped with string like this?


“Never” is a dangerous word to use in evaluating something produced
in the tens of thousands (boxes of .30 Carbine ammunition), but in 9
years of military service and 36 years working in a large gun shop, where
we handled a lot of surplus ammo over the years, plus collecting the .30
carbine round for 25 years of or so, I have never seen a box for that caliber
tied in string that way.

Doesn’t mean it could never have been done, but I don’t see the reason for

John M.

Excellent info thank you John.

I haven’t seen these in tied packets before but wanted to check with the team on here who know far more!!

I have never seen a string tie on these. Some of these cartons had the flap glued shut. Others just had the flap tucked inside so it could be opened and closed.
I believe that this is one which was just tucked inside, or perhaps one which was glued and then opened, and the civilian owner tied it to prevent the box from opening and spilling cartridges into a knapsack or similar.

I would just cut the string and throw it away.