M1 Carbine ammo question


If anyone out there can help me answer a nagging question, I would be very grateful. I just purchased a small quantity of M1 Carbine ammo. It is brass case and in stripper clips (in bandoleers). The headstamp reads PSD on top with 84 on the bottom. I have been able to figure out from this that it was made in Korea (Poongsan Metal Manufacturing Company) in 1984. I would very much like to find out with 100% certainty if the ammo is corrosive or not. Again, thanks for any help.


Fairly good ammo.


Hecklerusp45–As far as I know ALL .30 Carbine ammo is non-corrosive. The reason is that the staked in Gas-piston can not be field removed for cleaning and any corrosive priming would require it to be removed for cleaning. I know for positive that ALL U.S. made .30 Carbine is non-corrosive and has been right from the first rounds made in WW-II.


The French .30 M1 Carbine ammo was highly corrosive! I have heard that the Chinese “LC 52” ammo was also but I have no personal experience shooting it.


That’s what I used to think, but personal experience indicates otherwise. Many years I had an M1 carbine, and one day I fired 50 rounds of some imported ammo in it. (Don’t recall for sure where the stuff was made, but it seems like it was the Phillipines.) After getting back from the range I put the gun away without cleaning it, just as I usually did after shooting US-made ammo. A couple weeks later the bore was thoroughly rusted and pitted…