M1 Carbine Round Head Stamp ID


I was boxing a bunch of loose WW II M1 Carbine rounds I recently acquired and came across this one in the lot. Can anyone ID the head stamp / manufacture? The case seems to be made of steel since it will adhere to a magnet. Many Thanks.


This is a WW2 product of the Evansville Ordnance Plant (operated by Chrysler), Evansville, Indiana; famous for producing steel cartridge case ammunition in .45 ACP & .30 Carbine for the U.S. military. Although fairly common it is still a good historical cartridge.



Thank you. One other question. I noticed that several manufacturers of the WW II carbine ammo only had the numeral “4” as a date code. Could this stand for 1940? All other cartridges had two digit date codes like 42-43-44-45. Thanks.




It stands for 1944. The second digit was removed from the bunter to allow for reuse.



Very interesting. Thank you.



Yes the butter was originally for the year 1943 for example but once the “3” was ground off they could be reused for the year 1944.


OK, so if I understand this correctly, the original bunter, (die or stamp since I have not heard the term bunter applied to this application before), was originally “43” and the “3” was removed in order that it could be used for cartridges produced in 1944.



That is correct. The bunter is the tool that impresses the headstamp into the base of the cartridge.

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