M1 Garand charger "BR-W 3"

To my great shame, I just have noticed that Garand “clips” have markings. I usually just skip them without even looking at what they are. So, please, may someone tell me the very basics, like any differences between WWII vintage and after the war, stuff like this.

IAA issue 522 pg 16 has part 5 of an article on these.

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Yes and where are the four other parts? Me too, I have several M1 clips, almost for sure WWII. But it seems a very long list of producers as I could nothing identify.

Hi Dirk
You might download the IAA index Chris has made, however I just looked for it and can not find it. The one I last downloaded ends at issue 505. I found the one noted by checking the individual journal index (Clip Art is the title) & then looking at the page.
Sorry, best I can do for now.

On my way, Pete!