M1 Rifle Enbloc Clips

Those who shoot may find this of interest. Those who think that shooting is akin to murdering cartridges may want to avert their eyes.

Most cartridge collectors are familiar with the 8-round enbloc cips for the U.S.Rifle Cal .30 M1. But there are at least two other clips commonly used by competitors and hunters.

The first holds 2 rounds and is used in the rapid fire stages of hi-power matches. The two shots are followed by loading a full clip of 8 to complete the 10-round rapid fire stage.

The 5-round clip is used by hunters in States where a rifle cannot hold more than 5 shots.

Neither clip is an absolute necessity. It is possible to load any number of rounds (up to 8) using the standard enbloc although it does take some manual dexterity and some tough fingers if the bolt decides to slam shut while you are fumbling to load a partially filled clip.

I also seem to remember reading that 7 round clips are used in Canada where they have magazine capacity restrictions for semi-auto rifles. This may also apply in New Zealand.

I may be wrong here, a Canadian member probably knows more about it.

The M1 is specifically exempt from the 5 shot semi auto rule in Canada.

Both the 2 and the 5 shot clips are made by the impressive sounding Aggressive Engineering who also made 1 round clips for single shot use;

They also made standard, military issue 8 shot clips using the code ‘AEC’ on the base.


The clips will become common in Italy since last laws cosider illegal the sale of any rifle magazine that hold more than 5 rounds, except for guns registered as “sporting weapons”…and Garand rifle are not sporting weapons in Italy.

in france ,we can find the two rounds clip
the law restrict semi auto rifles to two rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber (the famous 2+1 in france)

Here is a link from the RCMP, relating to Canada’s magazine laws:

In a nut shell, magazine capacity is 5 cartridges, no more than 10 - depending of course in which firearm the magazines are used with, and if they are a restricted or non-restricted firearm.


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It’s hard for me to imagine a situation where a 1-round clip would be more practical than single loading directly into the chamber.